Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"V" GolGappa!!!

I love hungry faces gulping food in. There is nothing more satisfactory than watching a pair of hurried hands working fast with rolls,  hungry lips chewing hurryingly...eyes beautifying the food even more and stomach praying “thank god”... At the end of everything it is only the force of hunger and love that drives this world...

But this time it was a usual site that clicked...not of hunger but of love...unusual love... a girl in school uniform at around 11 in morning (maybe she has bunked) standing all alone by the vendor with her mouth appearing swollen as if honey bees were making honey on that face. But that bowl in her hand made it clear...her face was telling the story of the kiss of “gol gappe”...2 in bowl and three in mouth!!! And she dint care if she was alone...

The love for these cute little creatures has been centuries old. There consumption is more than nestle bars in India. “Gol Gappa” industry is bigger than toy industry in our country, I guess!!! Though their success owes only to their performance in between teeth and on tongue... they offer a deep insight...deeper than their own diameter!!! More or less but they resemble or are a miniature of life. Yes...”GolGappe(GoGapz)—Miniature of Life”!!!

They come with as many forms as of you. Khatte, meethe, feeke, double, dahi waale, aloo waale, mirchi waale and one in haridwar sold jalebi waale gol gappe!!! But all of us have a different penchant. We come across them vividly and enjoy differently. Life comes in various tastes. Everyone has too many options but we choose our taste as per our will...our decisions decide which taste bud will garner our life. “khatte meethe gogapz” are favs...Life is best when sours of hardships combine with the sweetness of success!!!

GoGapz are enjoyed only when with friends...till the moment when “chatpatta pani” dint combine with laughs to produce gargles down in throat and tears rolling down red cheeks...there is no fun!! Gogapz are fun when laughter joins in with “mirchi”. And life copies it... its fun only when loved ones are around. No matter what taste the life and laughter makes every mirchi fun!!!

Gogapz are at the peak of awesomeness when competition of “who eats the most” is on!!! (Loser to pay both for golgappe and medicines which follow!!!).  The best of life comes out when there is a competition to fight in. Aimless, directionless life pays nothing even if it is to be spent on a Miami Beach.

In the hurries if vendor or of our own...they are broken most of the times...leaking everytime they reach our lips...(remember Jhilmil in Barfi)...sometimes they leak out all in bowl and emptied spheres they reach our mouth...doesn’t matter, we still gulp those empty tasteless wheat balls with our eyes glued on the tasty water dancing in bowl!!! Many a times situations become hard to handle...comes time where life seems to be offering nothing...but we must remember...there is always some rewards waiting...not far away but in our arms the cracked ones...move on.. ”chatpatta pani will reward you!!! And moreover perfect life is not the best life...

Apprehensions of gulping them amidst a crowded street keep on killing us yet nobody prefers to go to Nathu’s  or Bikano’s for Golgappe. They are tailor made to be served and consumed on streets, amidst crowd assuming no one is watching!!! Gulp them, lick your fingers, laugh and body is watching is tailor made to be rough, life behind those glass doors is too is served best when it is rough...keep on living and enjoying. Nobody is bothered what you are upto!!

Eat not for appetite...but for as if fun is all way though we have to keep the hunger going in us but the fire must remain in belly...should not burn us!!!

We fell ill many times after losing control on ourselves and falling prey to the taste buds...we vow not to eat gappas again but always end up standing by that dsnt give benefits at every moment, many acts are counterproductive but still it is fun at times to accept the ill by others or our own...follow your heart and keep on gulping life....its very tasty...”Perfect meethi life is not the best life”.

Things speak more than we hear, things taste more vividly than we assume and in the process we infer...”life is so perfect in a GolGappa way”...