Saturday, 8 March 2014

Calculus of Life!!!

I was a biology teacher for that hour, teaching hormonal differences to peers. Nothing serious but only passing time in knowledgeable fun.
Teeth were visible all around when Bunny patted my back so hard that i almost coughed..."toh fir ye bataa k budhe log budhe kyun hote hain". He pointed to his gym built muscular biceps and thighs, "ye khatam toh ni ho jaeingi budhe hote hote". Answer to his question is a universal truth..." nothing is forever bro!!!", i said like 50 cents.

While others kept rolling on floor laughing, i saw one and all searching for a sense of fear behind their laughs which fortunately i didn't find. One must not live with scared heart beats. One must have pure pleasurable laughter, without any glitch of  worry.
"ye waqt bhi beet jaaega...." Somehow I managed this philosophical quote of Birbal in a jolly time but didn't utter. I didn’t utter because I couldn’t conclude the essence of the quote. I needed time.

Some days after it, there was a role reversal in a talk with dad. He wants me to trust the present and live on. No future, no past...just the present. Courageous thinking from a man with grey hair. Live as if no tomorrow.  I  supported a conservative approach to life...conservative not by thoughts but by actions. No senseless for rainy day. Respect the future...dun take present for granted. Not taking for granted is paying respect to future's uncertainty.
RESPECT, the word is world in itself. How often we mistake respect for fear?? Very often!!But nonetheless its a mistake. Fear is a negative gratitude. Respect oozes out positivity.
Fear the fear only. Crying is fear, not laughing is fear. Laughing with the belief of being lucky to afford one is dignifying the present and being aware of the possibility of a teary tomorrow is veneration of time. Never curse the moments of frowns. Cursing is questioning and questions are disobedience. Never celebrate ostentatiously. ostentatiousness is ridiculing. Fearing the future is ridiculing the power of present and Taking today for granted is ridiculing the power of tomorrow.
The message is a consistent, even, hurdle less, non bumpy way of life. Roller costers are fun only in fun parks. Everyone wants a life as easygoing, as smooth as a highway. No brakes, no gear acceleration!!! Or at least brakeless, clutch less drive even if it is at snail pace. Life is like driving; what irritates is not pace but brakes. Speedometer doesn't hurts till its not stuck at zero. Standing is frustrating!!!
But should we not accelerate on feasible freeways not withstanding the consistency of present and knowing that needle can't be maintained at 100 for ever. Not really.
" Accelerate prudently, enjoy speed and have fun but maintain brains and never go berserk".  Simple calculus. Obvious calculus but we often miss it.
The whole difference is in the difference in the meaning of audacity and ostentatiousness. If one shouldn't be avarice one shouldn't be prodigal as well.
Yes its like a puzzle. Humans need to be so thoughtful, isn't it???. Not necessarily. If my father reads this post, i will end up in another debate to disapprove his disapproval for my thoughts. But the whole idea is about the power and might of time. Might and time are always right.
Life will be algebra with so much thinking and calculations for every action and move but mind it, the physics of life is even worse than that.
 "When life breaks your back... It brings you to tears. Never be proud"... I am open for arguments to disapprove the abovesaid.

Hence QED!!!