Sunday, 23 August 2015

Revolutionizing the Bait-Trap-Earn Web Advertisement Model

Content, Traffic and Revenue: A Bait and Trap

Who are you?
Who are you? Commercial Website owner or a Blogger? Intellectual writer writing for hobby or a professional Writer writing for revenues? Who are you? Owner of educational web space or entertainment website? News Company or porn space? Who are you? Do you actually know who are you? Do your clients, visitors know who are you? Are they correct in their perception of who are you? Have you done enough to tell the world who are you?
OK. Who am I? I am a visitor. I am traffic.
Who are you?? Who are you determines what you do with your website.
You are a gun. Yes you are. But do we know it??
The moment you know which direction to aim at, you will win half the battle. The moment I know you being a gun, I will make way for you. If you don’t know your might, no matter what I perceive of you know will never win it. If I don’t know you being a gun you will have to spend few bullets to prove me who you are. Wastage of resources isn’t it? The moment our perceptions marry, when we both think in the same direction we nail it. Clarity makes it profitable without any efforts.
Is this happening with your website? Do your visitors know your potential of being a fatal information machine? Do I know you being a entertaining humorous city? No. I think you are just an ordinary website putting satirical feeds about latest events. Why? Maybe because your web space don’t look like a muscular busty gun firing the knowledge bullets. Why is there a mismatch between what you post and what I see? We are on different lanes of priorities. Come to my lane please.

Why the Gun is not firing?
Stressing on right content here is cliché. Don’t send wrong messages. It’s better not to send any messages then sending wrong signals. I, Traffic don’t expect an expert advice from you. I just need relevance and sense. I don’t want too many messages and too many signals being sent to me. I want a resting place on your blog.

·       Creativity vs Uniqueness Vs Relevance: Troika Dilemma: It doesn’t matter what you write till it makes sense. Never curb your mind and ideas for sake of hits. You might be criticizing India after a world cup victory. But don’t do it just to get hits on your webpage. Because if you are not making sense, you have lost a very critical edge on cyberspace: RELEVANCE. Image is as important as content. If content is the fodder your image is an ambience. Cyberspace is a natural gas reserve. Always waiting to be set on fire. Don’t make yourself a spark that sets you on fire. Image is very important in business and even more important in cyberspace. You are made or destroyed in minutes. You may not get shares for thousands of your sense making articles but put a wrong foot and you are viral. Work very sharply to make sure that you are perceived in the way you want to be. The apples put by you on blog should not appear tomatoes to visitors. If they do, no one will come looking for fruits with you. I only remember and bookmark those websites that make sense because crap is being created everywhere… every minute.  
If u are in a crowd or in a traffic jam go unique to get the attention…But if u are alone in night make sense. While taking the road less travelled, first make sense and relevance for taking that road.

·         Understand the Style of your Writing: Remember that content and design go-hand-in-hand. Nobody wants to read a block of text on a computer screen. Make sure that you’re structuring your content in a way that appeals to different reader styles. People have different learning styles. For that reason, it is important to create different types of content — blog posts, infographics, and videos will all cater to different learning styles.  Is it possible to keep a visitor interested for 2000 words without a graphic? Yes it is. Isn’t it then even more tempting idea to put some graphics and make sure he spends some more time scrolling and gazing your cartoons. The more the time for which a user is on your website the better. The more time spend on a blog betters the chances that he will return next time. Don’t be a nondescript. Nondescript can be by overdoing the sparkling or by under doing in a bid not to overdo.

·         Understand the ecosystem of your content. Do long paragraphs work? No they don’t. They kill eyes after every blink. But do long articles work. Yes they do. Never ever name your blog without giving hours of thoughts. Name and tittle of your blog and the headlines you put in will bring you 75 percent traffic and shares. Make sure your words match the tone of your piece and your tone match the sensitivity of your topic. Is your selection of words creating that mismatch between your tone and the message being conveyed? Don’t make lines and whole paras bold. Don’t underline unnecessarily. Let the user decide what he thinks is important. Don’t assert him with knowledge.  Are you reaching the target audience? Making a loop of your blog to keep visitor intertwined. Provide him the links of your previous writings often by quoting them in current articles.

·         Senselesness of Humour: Is your sense of humor an advantage or it is making you bite the dust. Are you sure that it strikes the chords well or is it taking the seriousness away from the writing? Content is your idea. Don’t create content thinking if the audience will like it or not. But make sure that the expression don’t spoil the message in between.

·         Sub-Consciousness play: More than what you convey and we gather consciously, there is a lot more being done unconsciously. The design speaks. The graphics speak. The colors speak. A sync is very important between what words say and what webpage is saying. Does your font takes away the seriousness of your professionalism? Don’t make basic ambience shattering mistakes just like using cursive italics while putting up an aggressive writing. Or may be like using Bold Times roman for intellectual piece of writing? Are you using correct colors and backgrounds matching with the theme of your website? (Don’t put green Amazon forests as theme if you are publishing content on Greece economy or may be like choosing Black-Red theme when you are not writing fiction). Things that matter unconsciously: Color of ads vs background color is another battle that no one notices but it kills many. Make sure it doesn’t pierce traffic eyes.

·         Communicate the Bait: We can always get the visitors. Getting traffic is not such an uphill task. There are a lot of wanderers…Advertise yourself aggressively on Social media, Catch the passerby’s with catchy phrases on social media. and if nothing u will get more hits than expected. Stuff it with unwarranted keywords and you can even fly. But is it sustainable model? No because even if you are spamming the visitors and getting those clicks on your ads that generate revenue for you. You are living by the sword. You will never get the return traffic. You will never get those permanent traffic. Your content strategy should aim to maximize lifetime rather than in-session revenue. When you make a true connection with your customers, they’ll want to do business with you, again and again, over the long-term.

By continuous communication via emails and social media, you can make sure that your blog name remains at the forefront of your audience’s minds. People are forgetful and the cut throat competition offering them multiple options make them even more susceptible to betray you. Make sure to leave the dialogue open. Advertise yourself aggressively on Social Media.
Comments section is one such section which attracts people. Induce wits and fun in conversation by replying often to what traffic posts on your posts. Integrate with Facebook and twitter. Tell them what their friends just read . Make a person’s friend hub there…people get lost in anonymity. Make them see what their friends are doing on your blogpost. It will bring them again. Let them Comment for ads. Reply with wit to their comments. Enjoy the ads. Make them love it.

This Trophy can rust your armory.
This trap is ambiguous.
Are Ads are the ultimate trophy or the consequence for which cyberspace is fighting. Are you writing for revenue or revenue is coming because of writing. Who are you? Decide the priority and go for latter. Revenue will not attract visitors but the visits you can capture will increase ads. How revenue generation can affect you? The sub consciousness effect of Ads is the least thought about effect. How many times we cross out a site because of just too many unwanted, badly placed ads.

·         Dear Ads, Please don’t irritate : I am traffic. I hate ads. Why are they there on your page? I am not here for ads. I am least interested. (I don’t care that you have a business model attached with it). They are frustrating. Most of the times they are irrelevant. Other times they crowd my view. They are distracting. I can’t concentrate. They pop up and block views when I am concentrating the most. I am as less interested in the ads on your webpage as much as the advertisement company is interested in content of page as long as they are getting clicks on ads from your website.  Don’t make website a galaxy of widgets and ads. Don’t make visitor to solve a maze before he reaches to the information that he is seeking. A blog stuffed with image ads here and there lose their credibility because it screams commercialization and commercialization don’t go very well with knowledge dissemination. Website should not look like an Advertisement hoarding. Irrelevant pop can turn me out to somewhere else permanently.

But I love them sometimes. In a 30 hour lecture on Quantum mechanics, after 7 mins mark when a 30 second plays something funny. I watch it then. I love it then. But do I watch hem while watching a movie? No I don’t. I skip it. I am traffic. Understand me. Don’t irritate me. Ads frustrate and often I ignore them. Relevant ads can be very entertaining. I am traffic. I might be even looking for them. Understand and tap the entertaining power of ads. Understand when I need them. And most importantly when I do not. Ads in same domain as that of content are justice. Don’t give me tourism ads on a page offering advice on how to pay loans fast. Given a choice, Purchase innovative ads…good cool creative ads. Even if they are from not so big or relevant content. Coz if they manage to entertain me, I will bookmark you

Your concern? Manage website. Manage ad. Manage client. Manage visitors. Ultimate aim is to make sure that visitor bookmarks your website. That’s it. Getting ads is not priority. Priority is that Client should stick on your website. It will stick when it will get clicks. It will gets click when it entices the visitor. You have to make sure it entices them. Disguise it.

Ads that irritate less bait more
Ads should not look like ads. It’s a turn off actually. How about integrating them in your content that they no longer look like ad but it serves the purpose. Disguise them so that visitor do not spot the advertisement but you convey the message for which you are being paid. Integrate it in your content.  Ads of fb and Twitter work fine. They integrate it so well with user activity. Appearing in news feed sponsored ads don’t appear as ads but as if it is an update from a liked page.
Be smart to integrate the ads wisely. It’s not upto advertiser to make sure his ad works on you blog. Its blogger responsibility to get those hits because he will earn only when it works.
Talk to advertisers to streamline ads as per your blog.
The page should look professional, no nonsense, smooth and classy just like the new Honda jazz. Yes Honda wanted ad space. I just gave them. Oh dear!!! How beautiful this idea can be. As beautiful as north east. Is it creepy? No. It will still generate those desired clicks. I just did more than advertising and added a new tinge to my write-up. It will make your make less crowded, will not slow up the navigation and will not test IQ of user who has to apply permutation combinations before deciding which link to actually click to start a download.
 How about sometimes writing for the products that are advertised on ur page for the sake of integration or just a small sensible paragraph below the image of an university (describing how fake it is). But don’t make the Honda car race past my content and cover the whole content that I am reading. Don’t make me click the cross button.
Try a Marriage between target audience of your content and the Ads you are publishing. If they are as far as peace from humanity, try uniting them like Peaceindia. But don’t put irrelevant nonsense random hypertexts. Irrelevance comes in many forms. In more forms than relevance. You blog content targeting bangla speakers and an advertisement in telgu popping from left right center will tend the visitors to ask who you are. 
Ultimately advertisement should not spoil the user experience. It should not be a punishment to visit the site.
Try to publish them differently. Use them at the end of your piece may be with a cheesy phrase, “till the time we meet again, Enjoy these products”. Or maybe make a separate ad portal on your webpage dedicated fully to ads with you using your writing skills to do more than just advertising and this too by capitalizing on the credibility of your content.
It’s in bloggers and website developers hand to revolutionize the marketing and advertisements. I can very well imagine a scenario with no apparently visible advertisements anywhere and still consumers being informed and persuaded and space providers still earning revenue.

I am a rat. Bait me cheese to come to your website. Trap me with relevance, sense and unique content. I am a unique rat. Trapping me will give you gold as revenue. But be very sure. In the pursuit of you doing this all…are you yourself falling in the trap of Oblivion. Please do it correctly.